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Southfields Primary School

Southfields Primary School


Summative assessment gives a snapshot of what a child can do at that time. The core subjects (English - Reading, Writing, Grammar and Mathematics) are formally assessed, in each year group, at the end of each term (half termly in year 6) to track pupils’ application of the whole curriculum under test conditions using previous assessments from the Standards and Testing Agency and assessments created by PiXL. 

Once assessments are complete, test data spreadsheets are uploaded and analysis documents are created by PiXL to inform the future teaching of the core areas (Implications for teaching). Teachers assign pupils a PiXL grade (based on the percentage of marks obtained) indicating the predicted end of year attainment in Reading and Maths which are then used to identify further learning needs (the PiXL grade for Writing matches the teacher assessment in Target Tracker and the attainment in GPS is inputted into Target Tracker).  In order to accelerate progress, the thresholds are based on 2018 thresholds - plus 3

Year leaders complete summaries of attainment and further analysis of results to identify the learning needs of individual and groups of pupils. As teams, Question Level Analysis (QLAs) are completed to further analyse the question stems and content in the individual papers. Using this diagnostic information, planning is adapted and Personal Learning Checklists (PLCs) are set up for the use of ‘therapies’ - short planned sessions in areas of the national curriculum - for specific ‘Key Marginal’ pupils. The cycle of ‘Plan, Do, Review’ is used to ensure targeted support is suitable and progressive.

Following the termly summative assessments, teachers update the combined tracker on PiXL. From this, leaders are able to track the combined figures for their year group and children can be identified to receive targeted support to ensure they are on track to achieve ARE in Reading, Writing and Mathematics.

PiXL is also used to track and monitor effort grades and this is relayed to parents in relation to progress using the Horsforth Quadrant. Teachers use this tool to address specific needs with motivation in order to direct improve progress.

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