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Southfields Primary School

Southfields Primary School

Governors Induction and Support


The Governing Body and Head teacher of Southfields Primary School believe it is essential that all new governors receive a comprehensive induction package covering a broad range of issues and topics. There is a commitment to ensure that the new governors are given the necessary information and support to fulfil their role with confidence. The process is seen as an investment, leading to more effective governance and retention of governors.


  • To welcome new governors to the Governing Body and enable them to meet other members
  • To encourage new governors to visit the school to experience its atmosphere and understand its ethos
  • To meet the Headteacher, staff and children
  • To explain the partnership between the Headteacher, school and Governing Body
  • To explain the role and responsibilities of governors
  • To give background material on the school and current issues
  • To allow new governors to ask questions about their role and/or the school
  • To explain how the Governing Body and its committees work
  • To allow new governors to join the committee(s) of their choice after observing
  • Understand the importance of confidentiality and consequences of a break in
  • Confidentiality
  • Identify training needs for each individual governor

2.New Governors will:

  • Receive an informal briefing on the school from the Head teacher and/or Chair of Governors
  • Be welcomed to the Governing Body by the Chair at the first full governing body meeting after they take up post
  • Be invited by the Head teacher to visit the school to experience its atmosphere and understand the ethos
  • Be given background material on the school and current issues
  • Have the opportunity to tour the school and meet staff and children
  • Be asked to complete a DBS (formerly CRB) check and declaration
  • Have the opportunity to meet informally with an existing governor who will then act as their mentor
  • Be accompanied by their mentor to their first full Governing Body meeting (if required)
  • Have the opportunity to review their first meeting with the mentor
  • Be encouraged to access training, including induction training for governors provided by the Local Authority Governor Services Team.

3.New Governors will be given access to the following documents:

  • The DfE “Guide to the Law for Governors”
  • The School Improvement and Development Plan
  • The School Prospectus / documentation /policies/ website information
  • Latest Ofsted Report and Action Plan
  • Minutes of the last full Governing Body meeting and details of the Governing Body committees including their terms of reference
  • Dates for future governors’ meetings including committee meetings
  • The Local Authority Governor Services’ Welcome Pack and governor training programme
  • List of staff, responsibility areas and job titles
  • List of governor’s names and responsibility areas
  • Details of how to contact the other governors
  • Details of how to contact the school including the e-mail address
  • Recent School Newsletters
  • Agenda for the next Full Governing Board meeting and copy of the minutes of the last Governing Board meetings (not confidential minutes)
  • DBS (formerly CRB) form for completion
  • The Governing Board Standing Orders and Codes of practice

4.The Headteacher will cover the following in her briefing to new governors:

  • Background to the school
  • Current issues facing the school
  • Visiting the school
  • The relationship between the Head teacher and Governing Body

5.Areas that the Chair of Governors/Mentor will cover include:

  • An overview of the governor’s role
  • How the full Governing Body and committee meetings are conducted
  • How to propose agenda items
  • Governor training
  • Governor Skills Audit

Governor Induction

The induction process will be coordinated by the Chair of Governors, along with named persons (e.g. Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher, Clerk). Everyone involved must follow the agreed programme in order to avoid duplication of tasks and to ensure a comprehensive and supportive induction.


Person Responsible


First contact: welcome new governor and give an outline of the role and responsibilities of the governing body, expected level of commitment to

school and current issues facing the school


Upon recruitment

When governorship is confirmed issue appointment letter, complete eligibility form, verification of identity form and register of business interests form


Upon appointment

At first Full Governing Board meeting introduce all Governors and explain context of each major agenda



1st FGB

Arrange a visit to school to talk to Headteacher, tour the school and meet the staff, children and school council.


After 1st FGB

Add new governor’s name to governor and school e-mail lists and school web site

PA to HT



Complete Skills Audit, give advice and support/training available and arrange a place on Governors Induction Course


After 1st FGB

After first FGB meeting mentor to follow up contact to provide further opportunity for questions/clarification of issues. Talk to new governor about roles within the governing body, committee structure, scope of works and agreed communications protocol. Discuss new governors interests and skills to match governor to relevant committee or area of interest and arrange committee

observer visit if appropriate.

Chair /HT

After 1st FGB

Provide new governor with Induction Pack including the items mentioned in paragraph 3 above

Available on Governor drive

After 1st FGB

Arrange feedback from new governor so that

induction procedure can be updated and refined


End of 1st




The Governor Mentor is available to help and support the new governor before and after their first meeting as appropriate. He/she should have experience as a governor, a good understanding of educational terminology and acronyms and good interpersonal skills.

New Governor Checklist Induction Procedure – please date each box

Have you?


Been welcomed to the governing body by the Chair of Governors


Been invited by the Headteacher/ Chair of Governors to visit

the school.


Toured the school and met staff and children.


Completed identification process for DBS check or declaration.


Received informal briefing on the school from the Head or



Been assigned/met formally with an existing governor who will act as mentor.


Have you received or been given access to:


The schools aims statement


List of governors and their responsibilities


List of school staff, their responsibilities and job titles


Details of the Governing Board Committees and their terms of reference.


Minutes of the most recent FGB meeting and Headteacher’s



All relevant policy documents, statutory and advisory.


DfES Guide to the ‘Law for Governors’


Latest Ofsted Report


School development and improvement plan.


Calendar of events, dates of meetings and school term and half term dates.


Contact details for key personnel, school e-mail and web site



Governor’s Code of Conduct


School Prospectus./website/newsletters


Have the Head or Chair covered?


Background to the school


Current issues facing the school


Visiting the school


Overview of the governor’s role


Relationship between the Headteacher and the Governing Board


Completion of business interests form


Have you had the opportunity to review your first FGB meeting with your mentor?














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